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This page is set up so that you can easily and safely contribute to the furthering of God’s kingdom through your giving here to CCW.

Why Don’t I Hear Much About Money/Tithing at CCW?

If you have attended CCW for any reasonable length of time, you know that we don’t talk much about money. Why not?

First, we are a faith-based group of Believers. We do not “pass-the-plate” but rather simply place an Offering Box at the rear of our Sanctuary. This allows people to give freely, with no high-pressure tactics or guilt-trip lectures. Since day one, we have chosen to lean on God’s provision for us as a Fellowship and adhered to the Calvary Chapel Distinctive of “where God guides, God provides.” God has proven Himself faithful over the years as His people are always faithful to give generously as they feel directed by the Holy Spirit.

Second, in many of today’s churches, money seems to be the main focus of their existence. This coupled with the lavish lifestyles of some church leaders has sent the wrong message that the church is all about money and affluence. How more false could this perception be among true bible-teaching churches where Jesus, our primary example, lived a humble and meek existence while here on the earth; totally dependent on His heavenly Father to meet His daily physical and spiritual needs.

Last, we believe that through the faithful teaching of God’s Word verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter, the Word will do a more than an adequate job of spurring us on to faithful giving. Jesus spoke often about money. Many of His parables addressed the issues surrounding the love of money and the unhealthy addiction of materialism. When our pastor encounters portions of Scripture that address money, we are happy to expound on the issue within the context of the selected verses. Outside of that, we don’t feel the need to pressure our flock into giving.

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